Cupping and diabetes

Cupping and diabetes. Should a diabetic keep on regular cupping Therapy!!
Why should a diabetic keep on Undergoing regular cupping Therapy!!. Cupping and diabetes.

Cupping and diabetes

First of all A Diabetic should keep on Regular Cupping Cure in order to scape from Diabetes Complications . In the Heart and Food
As Medicine doesn’t protect from them being a Sequel of a Micro Capillaries.
And then error caused by Accumulation of the Toxic Mediators.
According to Scientific References, Medicine have nothing to do with Micro Capillaries compromise.
Why? Because of a Piece of Flesh in a Size like a Toe Tip includes Millions of Micro Capillaries. What Catheters and Stents could do with these Millions.
As confirmed by the Observation that a Plumber works on a Blocked wide Tube half to one hour, when He feels it Opened and Stops, it Float again.
Cupping only god willing could protect from these complications like Noway. to eliminate these Toxic Mediators from the Tissues except via Skin scratching and Suction.
The Scientific evidence Based Reference for this knowledge is Available upon Request.

The benefits of Cupping therapy for people living with diabetes

This article was quoted by Dr. Abdullah Nusrat. see video

Cupping and diabetes

Article in Arabic press here

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